COVID-19: Continue reading here to find out more about how our soup kitchen provides food during the lockdown.

This is the newest addition to our organizations portfolio. In 2017 a soup kitchen was opened to give the opportunity to the people of mfuleni to get a full free meal a day. This has helped the community a lot in various aspects. 


Afterschool care members, sick and old people from the clinic close to our centre, as well as unemployed community members are heavily benefiting from this one healthy meal per day. It has strengthens the relationship between the centre and the community and has broad more people to engage in the organisations programms. It has proven to be the strongest method to overcome the problems of poverty, malnutrition, unemployment

and crime. The soup kitchen is With the help of the Khayelitsha Förderverein and Mrs. Ehlsing, we can keep this programm alive!