We registered 250 kids for this financial year, and parents are coming in numbers to register their kids every year, because of high risk in child abuse, exposure of getting involved into drugs & alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, gangsterism activities, and other forms of negative peer pressure. We are caring and looking for them while their parents are at work, providing a full time supervision.

These activities start at 2pm and run until 6pm. The children participate in activities that engage their minds and bodies. This includes doing sports, doing puzzles, playing indoor- and outdoor-games, getting life skills trainings, learning to play instruments and making music, etc. Holiday programs and “Reading and learning” – lessons are part of our program, too.

Homework support

Grade R -10 kids are involved in homework supervisions every day and they are getting proper assistance for school projects and their assignments. Through our assistance, in every school term children are progressing, improvement in academic level with 100% passing rate, awards, and top achievements. Our teachers are doing a great job and playing a vital role in our children’s lives.

Reading and Learning

We engaged 60 kids from grade R to grade 7, and this program is about teaching children on how to read the story book in Xhosa, English and Afrikaans, spelling the words and writing, there are competitions amongst them to motivate. They are also exposed to other Educational games and toys to stimulate the cognitive of development that can help them to improve their communication and be able to socialize with others. Different sessions are taking place every Tuesdays.


It was initiated in July 2018 by the married couple from Canada,(Education Without Borders) and Women for Peace signed the (6 months contract) MOU with them to start as a pilot project working with Mark from Game Changer.  This program created more job opportunities for our program officers, Mellissa Falatsa, Xoliswa Nkomo, Simon Dlayedwa and Thembekile Bulo. Co-ordination was very good and the Canadians came in January 2019 to evaluate the progress. They were so proudly excited, motivated with the powerful impact, progress and improvement of our kids in academic level. Parents are also appreciating with the results of this program for their kids, and the contract was renewed in January 2019. As from this year three tutors (high school learners) who are very good in English and Maths have been employed by EWB (Owam Vethezo, Yamkela Tofu and Slindokuhle). 

Life Skills and Health

Awareness health and wellness programs play an important role for women for peace. Various courses are offered to its community.

Sisters united

This is a special girl’s program for Secondary school level, dealing with mentoring around Life and Health issues, facilitated by Shirley Tshwale(Proffessional mentor) from North West Province(Limpompo). 20 Girls are involved in this program and their sessions are on Saturdays. They are also taught about teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS pandemic desease etc. Educational outings, Hikings are also part of this program and our girls are so motivated, improving and progressing especially in academic level and matured.

“HIV/Aids and me”

The main goal of the HIV/Aids program is to facilitates supportive relationships between older and younger people so that the older people can support the young people in ways that will help to lower their risk for HIV/Aids infection. Women for Peace cooperates with the University of Western Cape.



 The aim of initiating this kind of sport was to groom black talents into the sport of Ballroom and Latin American dance in the Western Cape. The idea is not only to train and develop a talent within the community in this sport. Since the inception of this project, our children have managed to place victory in all performances of total competitions for each year. They have participated in South African National Dance Sport Championship in different Provinces for all these years since it has been initiated in 2003 -2018. This year we registered 30 new kids and 5 Championship couples in Dance Sports South Africa.

 Training session is for 2 days per week, Mondays and Wednesday, conducted by one of our adult championship Thembekile Bulo, with the assistance of Yamkela Tofu. Our kids participated in 10 Local competitions once a month, 1 World Trial in Oudtshoorn, and the S.A. National Achievers and Championship dance competition which was in East London in December 2018.

Dance program is very popular and growing fast. Many children and teenagers enjoy professional and varied dance lessons and attend big Competitions like the South African Championship. They have won many trophies and medals in the past and practice twice a week.


We have 2 soccer teams, under 12 and 14 boys, training sessions are on Monday and Wednesday.  On Fridays they are having friendly matches with other community and schools teams. In April 2018, North link college students hosted a tournament in Power Child Sports Field, raising funds for our afterschool care program. It was so successful and each team joined with R200.00 to participate. Our team won second place in that tournament.  On the 7thJuly 2018, they participated in the Tournament that was hosted by City of Cape Town in Blue Downs. They won second place and got the medals, soccer balls. They are also attending life skills sessions, also engaged in techniques and theory in team talks.


Our netball team has been formed last year by the trainer Xoliswa Nkomo. It was started with 22 Girls, 2 teams in age of 13 and 16 years. The training has been taken every Fridays, and every Saturdays they have the friendly matches with other teams. Their first tournament was very tough for them but they did their best, the tournament was hosted by City of Cape Town and they won some medals. This Sport is also teaching them, to be responsible, disciplined, team working, sharing ideas in team talk sessions. This year the number has grown up to 45 girls, 3 teams.


This sport engaged our little boys at the age of 6-9 years and in March 2019, our cricket kids participated in the tournament which took place in Newlands for their first time. We selected 8 boys to partake, and one of them was elected to play in Khayelitsha to the biggest tournament. It’s a nice sport for our small boys as they are enjoying themselves, but it takes place during summer time only. Xolisa is co-ordinating this sport’s program in Mfuleni Primary Schools as well.



Chess stimulates the brain and teaches children great analytic skills and recalls, which benefits 

them especially in subjects like mathematics. It also teaches concentration as well as knowing that every action they take has consequences.

 It is making our children focused, faster and critical thinkers. The training is for 2 days a week Monday and Friday. Since it has been initiated, 32 kids were actively involved.  Mzi, (professional hired trainer) was so good to teach our kids last year.  On the 24thApril 2018, 8 boys and girls participated in the tournament that was held in Century City and they won   medals and diplomas. Early this year the trainer, left to Durban, and he referred his Grade 12 student from Bardale High school to train our kids. 


50 children are engaged in music lesson from Grade R – Grade 6. Classes are on Wednesday every week, they always coming in numbers for the practice. They are always singing having some new songs every day and always performing in our fundraising events. Music teacher needs to be trained in music instruments, for this program to improve and grow.


These sessions are on every Mondays and Wednesday, for different age groups. Through this program it is much more  easy to identify different talents from the kids in art. They are making handworks, wishing cards, bracelets, necklaces, rings etc.  This program helped them to do their school projects as well.

Holiday Program

In every school term we are running holiday programs around life-skills workshops and Educational talks (March, June, September and December). We used to invite SAPS, Metro-PoliceFire Rescue, and Bounce back, for these sessions including different games. On the last day of the program in each term, one-day tour and the evaluation session occurs. Last year we took them to the Beach  (March), Grand West (June), then in Eziko Museum (September).

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