The Art & Craft Program and the Catering bring creative people together. With their individual talents and hobbies they have the possibility to share their experience and ideas, improve their skills and raise money for the Centre by doing communicative and creative work.

The Art & Craft program gives women the opportunity to use their skills to produce beautiful items such as the wonderbag, jewellery, exhibits, postcards, household items, stationary, etc. Occasionally we get orders to cater for people and organizations in the community.


Women were trained in Sewing skills for making wonder-bags, aprons and bags by the professional trainer (Fundiswa Nono )and  now  Margaret Ncaphayi,  Nosimama Manana and Cynthia Myoyo  are actively and directly involved in this program, producing, selling and training those who are interested.

Christmas cards to germany

Every end of the year Women for Peace is getting a large number of Christmas cards as an order for Elise’s mom in Germany. Sometimes this becomes a big challenge to our women as they are not skilled enough to make these cards, but fortunately Nkoli is working work hard as a team leader, train them to do it.