The Nobantu centre is located in Mfuleni.
With it soupkitchen aswell as the after school care it is contributing to the development of the community.

Women for Peace strives to be a most trusted community development organisation which excels in conflict management and the execution of socio-economic and skills dvelopment initiatives aimed at fostering social cohesion in poor communities through the empowerment of the poor in particular women, elderly, youth and school-going children.

Main aim: The organisational aim is the community upliftment whose mission is to empower through skills trainings and development programs, employment, Recreation, Peace development and wellness programmes.

The Soup Kitchen

COVID-19: Continue reading here to find out more about how our soup kitchen provides food during the lockdown.

This is the newest addition to our organizations portfolio. In 2017 a soup kitchen was opened to give the opportunity to the people of mfuleni to get a full free meal a day. This has helped the community a lot in various aspects.¬† Continue reading “The Soup Kitchen”

Afterschool Programme

We registered 250 kids for this financial year, and parents are coming in numbers to register their kids every year, because of high risk in child abuse, exposure of getting involved into drugs & alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, gangsterism activities, and other forms of negative peer pressure. We are caring and looking for them while their parents are at work, providing a full time supervision.

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Arts and Craft

The Art & Craft Program and the Catering bring creative people together. With their individual talents and hobbies they have the possibility to share their experience and ideas, improve their skills and raise money for the Centre by doing communicative and creative work.

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